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Rebecca Elliott


We live in a world obsessed with connection. Growing up in the digital age, I've watched human connection 𑁋 the ways we communicate, interact and understand one another 𑁋 evolve into unique habits and forms. I apply this knowledge and experience to my work in journalism, social media, marketing and public relations, all while consistently learning more about communication methods in the process. I decided to study journalism in college because I believe words, whether written, read, typed or spoken, are our most powerful tools for good in this world. I intend to use them.

In June 2021, I graduated magna cum laude from Point Loma Nazarene University with a B.A. in multimedia journalism and a minor in public relations. I've interned at a beauty and wellness magazine in New York City; I've covered COVID-19 developments in San Diego; I've written about fashion, food and music; I've covered new legislation, gender stereotypes and racial inequality. I plan to keep pushing, to keep growing beyond these bounds. 


I am currently a publishing intern for Saturnalia Books and on the job hunt! Check out my articles and social media and get to know me.


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